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News story from C net - New screen reader from IBM that works online.

If any one has tested this, I would love to hear some feed back. webmaster@robinsfyi.com

Personal Sites
Leber's Links

Information on Cabell-Wayne Assoc of the Blind


Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

ASHRAY (foundation for blind children)

Conklin Center

Lions World Services f/t Blind --Unofficial

Missouri School for the Blind


Michigan Association for Competitive Goalball


ABLEDATA Assistive Technology Database

ADA & Disability Information

ADA Information Center On-Line

Arizona Technology Access Program

Arkenstone's Homepage

Assistive Technology For The Disabled Computer User

Blazie Engineering

Braille Planet - Raised Dot Computing and MegaDots

Computer Vison and Voice

DOS WWW Browser

Duxbury Braille Software products

DVS: A New Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Enabling Technologies

Financing Assistive Technology: Handbook For Funding

Freedom Scientific

Frontier Computing Total Solutions

Handicap Software

HumanWare, INC.

IBM Special Needs Gopher

Insite For the Blind

International Monovision Association

Internet Braille Wizard Access 20/20

JTS Micro Consulting Ltd. Shareware for Windows.

LAB Resources

NoIR Medical Technologies (low vision)

Outa Sight! Products

Sighted Electronics

Soundscapes from the Voice - Seeing with your ears

Talking Caller ID

Telesensory Corporation

The Internet Braille Wizard Access 20/20

TINYTALK from Eric Bohlman OMS Development (gopher)

Tiny Talk Screen Reader for DOS by Eric Bohlman

Trace Center

Trace R&D Center

Vision for Windows

Vision Rehab - Low Vision Resource

Windows 3.1 Tips for Users with Low Vision

W-3 Access

American Council for the Blind

American Macular Degeneration Foundation

Association of Blind Piano Tuners

Blinded Veterans Association

Macular Degenration Foundation


National Alliance of Blind Students Mailing List

One World Sight Project

Panhellenic Association of the Blind

Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (PXE)

B&R Express

Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet

Deafblind Online

Electronic Books

Electronic Books

Electronic Texts on the Internet

Florida Division of Blind Services


Internet Public Library

Libraries for the blind and visually impaired

Library of Congress

Macular Degeneration Support

Movements, the opthalmic newsletter

OBI Online Book Initiative gopher

OBI Online Book Initiative

Postal Problems with "Free Matter for the Blind"

Talking Book Topics Bi-Monthly List

Washington Lions Low Vision Task Force

ESPAN Job Library


MN Dept. of Economic Security
Non-USA (in english)

Australian Royal Society Interface for Blind Users

Blind Mobility Research Unit

British Computer Association of the Blind

British Library

Disability Action Centre, Flintshire

Duxbury Systems

Electronic Telegraph

Flashing Cursor

Interactive ASL & Braille Guide

Multimedia Enabling Technology Group at the Open University

Nurit Noy is willing to provide information to individuals and/or agencies regarding services for/of the blind in Israel.

Pulse Data International

Royal National Institute for the Blind

Scottish Sensory Centre

Special Needs Education Network (SNE)


Chocolate Braille cards & Novelties

To be Sorted

Gopher menu of blind related topics

The Blind Net

Blind Computer Use - by and for the Blind

Computers Resources for the Disabled

Descriptive Video Sevice homepage

Equal Access to Software and Information1

Equal Access to Software and Information 2

Workstation for Access to Math for Blind Users by Cahill, McCarthy

Stereolithography Models for Blind Scientists by Skawinski, et. al.

Books for Blind Scientists by Barry, et. al.

Blind Information Resources

Blind Access Systems

American Printing House for the Blind

Seaside Education Associates, Inc.

Sensory Disability Research Unit,

IAT Services: Adaptive Computing Technology

American Foundation for the Blind

Deaf-Blind Online

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

Blind Childrens Center

Blind Education and Rehabilitation

Texas Commission for the Blind

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Blind People's access to graphics

RFB&D National

RFB (Recording For the Blind) (Computerized Books for the Blind)

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