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This Years Letters to Christmas Elves

For many years I've been a Christmas Elf, for the last 10 years I've tried to match people with needs to people who want to help others. However this year, the job was just too big.

Trust me you won't have to look far to find a family in need. So if you have a little extra, it's defiantly needed out there.

If you are having a rough time. Check with local groups for assistance. If you come up dry, I do have several pages on this web site, that offer tips for having a nice Christmas on a very limited budge.

The following are letters received from people asking for assistance this holiday season. The letters are simply cut and pasted into this page. The only alterations are that personal information like name, e-mail address, and city are withheld.

If you wish to summit a letter please feel free to e-mail it. Include your name, e-mail address, city, state, country. A phone number would be nice, but not required.

Attention Elves: Because of this site visitors are world wide, I'm unable to verify each family's need. You will need to do your own verification. If you see a letter that you may be able to help with, please e-mail, including the letter number and any questions you may have. I will send you the personal information personally.

Elf Robin