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Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs

How & What you will need 

Different Ways to Dye an Egg 

Fancy Eggs 

By the Family

How to boil an egg. If you can boil water, you can make a hard boiled egg!
  1. Rinse eggs in cool water
  2. Place the eggs in a large pan, don't crowed
  3. Fill pan with cool water, 1 inch over eggs
  4. Add several tablespoons of salt
  5. Heat until water boils
  6. Remove from heat Cover, and let sit 20 minutes
  7. Carefully remove eggs and rinse in cold water.
Hardware for dying Easter Eggs

eggMany Different Ways to Dye an Egg


The old fashion modern way - Food Coloring Dye


For that polished look- rub dried eggs with a little cooking oil

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

While boiling eggs

After cooling, but before refrigerating, soak in In refrigerator soak hard boiled eggs in Rub on hard boiled eggs (while wearing gloves)

Etched Eggs

  1. Melt paraffin (wax) in a double boiler slowly. This not the time to experiment or take a short cut!
  2. First dye your egg any light color you wish. This will be your background color.
  3. After it is dry, dip it into melted paraffin wax.
  4. Allow the wax to cool
  5. Etch your design by scratching through the wax with a darning needle.
  6. Dip the egg into another color of dye (darker).
  7. Remove the wax, polish the surface by rubbing in any remaining wax.
Marbled Colored Eggs
  1. Wet the eggs.
  2. Place pieces of colored tissue paper on them.
  3. Set it aside to dry.
  4. When the egg dries the tissue paper falls and the egg is colored.
Quick and Easy

Use non-toxic markers, let the kids draw pictures on the eggs

Retro Eggs (Tie-Dye)

  1. Make up several colored dyes (strong).
  2. Dampen an old clean piece of cloth with water and wrap it around the egg.
  3. With an eye dropper, drop spots of different colors of dye on the cloth.
  4. Twist the cloth tightly around the egg so the colors blend together.
  5. Gently unwrap the egg and let it dry.
Sponge Painted Eggs
  1. Dip natural sponge in dye.
  2. Squeeze out excess dye.
  3. Pat on egg.
  4. Let egg dry.

eggFamily Eggs

Each person picks a job or two. After half of the eggs are done, everyone expect the adults changes jobs

Adult boils the eggs

Person 1 dies the background (light color)

Person 2 draws a picture with a white crayon

Person 3 dies the egg (darker colors)


Person 1 draws a picture with their crayons and person 2 does the dying


Let eggs dry

the adult removes wax

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