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Easter Eggs
That Might be Hiding in Your Mac
 We all enjoy these cute little things that the programers add. However it would appear that not only do the programers have a since of humor, so do the guys and gals that do the hardware. At Molecular Expressions you can find a whole zoo, hiding in varies components. Most of these critters are found on non-Mac items, but still are fun to learn about. After all we can't be number one in all categories.

Photoshop 4.0 Mac and Win - Apple - click - About Photoshop.  You'll get the cat.  Then, with apple still pressed, click on the cats nose.  Also, on the Mac only, with apple still pressed, click below and to the right of the Adobe Logo for 'witticisms'.  Give Neal a big thanks for this one!
Dantz Retrospect 4.0, Option-click the Credits tab within About Retrospect. It gives a short story and picture of Balto the sled dog and why Dantz chose  Balto as the code name for Retrospect 4.0      Thanks to Rich for this egg!
System 8.0 - hold down the option key while selecting "about keyboard. . ." instead of just saying "all rights reserved" it shows the credits.
AppleFax Modem - Hold down the button on the front while turning on the modem. The modem should beep three times. After the beeps, press the button in the exact rythem of the beeps.

eggCache Switch - Open Cache Switch, then, while holding option, click the version number. Also, try using balloon help and move the cursor on the version number.

eggCaps Lock - Use balloon help and move the cursor over the Caps Lock file in the Finder.

eggColor - In the Color control panel, click the "sample text" box.

eggFaxMaker - Choose "About Faxmaker" and click the icon.

eggLabels - Open Labels and delete all of the Label names and resart.

eggMacPaint 2.0- Hold tab-space while choosing About MacPaint.

eggMultiFinder 1.0 - Hold down command option while selecting About Multifinder.

eggMultiFinder 6.0 - Choose About MultiFinder and leave the screen on for more than an hour.

eggClarus the dogcow, in the page-setup, holds a secret page-measurement guide. When you click on Clarus' image, it reveals the paper size you're using and the size of your margins (in inches). Click again, and you get the same measurements in centimeters.

eggMacsBug - With balloon help on, put the cursor on the Macsbug icon in the Finder.

eggMap - Open the map control panel and type "mid"

eggMemory - Open the Memory control panel and turn on VM, then option-click the select hard disk.

eggNetscape - Type the URL about:mozilla into the Navigator Go To: field for a secret message from Navigator's developers.

eggPageMill - Hold option while selecting About Pagemill from the Apple menu.

eggPCI desktop Macintoshes - Open Note Pad and enter the text "secret ROM image." Now, select the text and drag it to the desktop. When you do, the screen goes blank and then displays the picture of the development team for the PCI Macs.

eggPowerbook - Option click the version number.

eggQuicktime - Choose balloon help and put the cursor on the Quicktime icon in the Finder.

eggResEdit - Hold shift option command and select About ResEdit.

eggSimple Player - Hold option and select about Simple Player.

Older Mac Eggs

eggMac Classic - Hold down Command Option X O and turn on the computer.

eggMac IIci - Set the General Controls date to 9/20/89 and restart while holding down Command Option C I.

eggMac IIfx - Set the General Controls date to 3/19/90 and hold down Command Option F X

easterMac Plus - Click the programmers switch's interrupt button and type G 40E118

easterMac SE - Press the interrupt switch and type G 41D89A

easterMac SE/30 - Click the interrupt switch and type DM 4082E853 20

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