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This page for anyone looking for employment in aviation field. The links on this page go directly to the employment pages of these sites, when ever possible.

Aviation Employment & Training


Surfing the interent can be lots of fun, and time consuming. If you are looking for a job, the last thing you most likely want to do is wade through thousands of sites, having to search for their employment section. Not to mention the fact that many sites don't even list their job opportunities.

So to make life a little easier, I have done the surfing for you. Almost all of the following links go directly to the employment page of these company's sites. All links on this page are aviation related only.

Companies with online listings - Other Sites with employment listings - Training

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Companies with online listings
  Atlantic Aero

American Airlines

American Eurocopter


AeroThrust Corp.

Barrios Technology

Bell Helicopter Texron


Banyan Air Service

Cape Air

Central Flying Service

Colgan Air

Columbia Helicopters


Dynamic Aviation Group

Evergreen International Aviation

Flight Express

FlightSafety International

FAA Vacancy Announcements

Freight Runners Express

Jet Aviation

Lockheed Martin


Northrop Grumman


Polar Air Cargo


Republic Airways

Rockwell Collins

Rogers Helicopters

Schweizer Aircraft

SunShine Helicopters


United Airlines


Other Sites with employment listings
  Aviation/Aerospace Job Openings
Aviation Employment Job of the Week

Aviation Employee Placement Service ($)
ClimbTo 350
Find A Pilot

Jet Professionals
MEGA - Aviation

Rishworth Aviation
Universal Pilot Application Service($)

Women In Aviation

Aviation Training
There is no shortage of places to obtain training. However there many issues to address when determining where you wish to be trained. First item you must determine is your goal, a small school in your town may be great if you are just planning to fly as a hobby. However if you are looking for a career in aviation, much more time needs to be spent doing research on different schools. This section is here to help you with your research.
  Alpha One Flight School AVIA Services

Aviation Institute  of Maintenance

Canadian Aerospace Training Project

Chandler Air  (g & b) 

Columbus State Community College a&p 

Comair Aviation Academy (c) 

CP Aviation (g) 

Diamond Aviation (g)

Double Eagle Aviation

Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach

Grey Owl Aviation Consultants safety 

Heli-College Canada

Hesston College Aviation Home Page


King Schools

Lightning Technologies

Moorabbin Flying School  

National Test Pilot School

Ohio State University

Pacific Flying Club - British Columbia 

Pan Am International Flight Academy

Patterson Aviation Academy

Phoenix East

Purdue University Department of Aviation Technology

Quality Flight Instruction

Southern Illinois University Aviation

Singapore Aviation Academy

Spartan Aviation

University of North Dakota

U.S. Flight Academy Internationl  (g)