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IF you stopped by the "About FYI" page you know this site in ran by one humble little person. I never charge for links or any research I do. However as you most likely know, it takes hard cold cash, and a lot of time to run a site.

I also hate pages that have so many banners on them that you can fix dinner while the page loads. So with this in mind, graphic banners are kept to a minimum.

There are two ways to help me keep this site running:

If you are a visitor, simply checking out some of the companies I have affiliated with will help. Some will pay me just for you clicking through from my site, others will give me a small percentage of any purchases. Either way those nickels and dimes add up!

If you have a commercial site, how about having me place a banner one one of my pages? 

Why should you place a banner on my site?

    You are supporting a site that tries to give quality information and links to its visitors.

    Because of the unique lay out of the site, you can target your audience. Let's say you sell dog collars, and you have a banner on a general animal site. Some of the visitors will have a pet, of these some may have a dog. Here you could place you banner on a page that is just for people that have an interest in dogs.

    The banner doesn't rotate with any one else's. Some sites swap banners around. Here you are in the same place, so every time someone come to that page they see your banner.

    Rather than pay a "click-through" rate, that can be artificially pushed up. I just ask for a simple flat rate. 

The number game

We all know that different people say they get thousands of hits a day. The term "hit" can be used in several different ways.

    By files accessed - xyz.html has a background, 2 graphics, 1 midi, and a banner. This would equal 5 hits

    By pages accessed - visitor goes to the home page, then to a second page. This would equal 2 hits

    By unique visitors - one visitor equals 1 hit

    By home page - each time person accesses the home page equals 1 hit

    Also counters will lie to you, sometimes the person may stop the load before the counter is tripped, also some servers (and AOL) cache pages. The person may be accessing from the cache, thus seeing the page, but not being counted.

How I use my counter - I do it by pages accessed.

Because of the wide range of subjects, many people bookmark one of the main subject pages rather then the Home page. This way I know which pages are "Hot" and which pages may need some work. To give you an idea of my traffic this version of the site was launched November '98 and between January '98 and January '99 my total hits were just under 1,000,000. Between January '99 and January '00 the counter was just over 2,000,000.

As to the rates, some pages do better than others. However each one has it's own unique visitors. Some pages do better certain times of the year, while others stay consist. A perfect example is the Coffee, Kid stuff, and holiday pages all do better during the winter months, while animal and aviation pages are strong year around.

Main Topic pages are $10 month ($120 year)

Secondary Topic pages are $5 month ($60 year)

Standard pages are $3 month ($36 year) 
About the banner, here I'm flexible. Any banner that is in the normal size range, (you can't have the whole screen) and a file size of take or give 15 K. I would prefer to place the banner on my server, to speed up the load time. However if you prefer, will allow access from your server.

If you don't have a banner I will make a simple one for you at no extra charge.

If your banner is on my server you may change it up to four times a year.

How it works

Let me know you are interested, and which page. I will notify you if the page is available. Then you may send me your banner to place on my server, request I do a banner, or the code to access a banner on your server.

Banner space is sold in 1 year lots. (in plain English either $120, $60, or $36) the idea is to make life easy not add a bunch of billing headaches.

I will cue the page, until your check or money order arrives.

Some times a page may be broken into two pages, if this happens. Your banner will remain on both pages, until your year is up. Example: When the Let's Eat page was getting too slow on load time, recipes were moved to their own page. If you would have had a banner on the Let's Eat for 3 months, you would also have had a banner on the Recipe page for the next 9 months along with the one on the Let's Eat.

There are some sites I don't feel conformable have my site related to. After all this is a "family safe" site. So with all due respect I must decline adult sites (xxx). As with any webmaster I do reserve the right to refuse, any site.

If you have a banner and your site changes content (XXX, illegal,...) The banner will be removed.

Please send any requests or questions to