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web page stuffThis section covers a wide range of interest all having to do with people. Here you can find groups that help people, along with a section for women only

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People that give a "Darn"
Every one has something to give the world, to make it make it a better place.
Time, money, or even a simple smile, can make a difference.
People needing HELP finding someone.
Air Care International

America's Second Harvest

BinkyPatrol (volunteers make blankets for special children)

Cards for Kids

Floppies for Kiddies


Help the Children

Hot Authors

Hunger Free Holiday

Indpendent Sector's Home

Infants In Need

Internet NonProfit Center

International Service Agencies

Kids Helping Kids

Kids Help Phone

Kiwanis International

Linda's Problem /Counseling Page

Lion's Club a Beacon for the Sight Impaired

Lions International

Lions International - Palmdale CA

Missing & Exploted Children's Program

National Charities Information Bureau

NMDP Online - give a little of your self and save a life


Penn-Pals Prison Inmate Services

Positive Parent's Place

Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley (OH) 

Refugee Relief International

Refugee Web

Save the Children Fund

Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction

Starlight Children's Foundation

Straight Answers

Street-Wise Drug Prevention

Summit County Children Services

Tedrico's Homeless Info Page

The Hunger Site

The NAMES Project

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Unicef USA

Volunteers of America - Oklahoma

People needing HELP finding someone.
High School Alumni Find an old classmate
Help me find my sister!! Missing Relative Board

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Rino Kids Missing Children Site
Looking for a new Friend or a missing branch of the family?
(a word about this new section, sites will be checked for taste and safety)
Family Reunion World of Singles
Guides to Charitable Groups
Guide Star - Independent Charities of America - National Charities Information Bureau
Shop at these places and help a Non-Profit


Shop For Change



The Rail