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web page stuffThis section is for anyone looking for information about a disability, including teachers, parents, family members, professionals, or a person who has a disability. While many disabilities will overlap in needs, I have tried to group the different categories by type of disability.
Everyone has a disability - some just don't know it.

I may not agree with the thoughts of some of the sites listed, however I do this page for you. If you want my thoughts about something just ask.

By far this is the hardest section to organize, since so many different disabilities can overlap in needs. A perfect example is a person with a head injury may or may not be affected physically. An organization may serve more than one type of disability, while others are highly specialized. I have tried to do a general break down to make referencing easier and quicker. To give you an idea of the lay out, "Above the Shoulders " contains links to disabilities that root from the brain, like: Alzheimer, Asthma, Autism, Epilepsy, Mental Health, TBI... While Physical will include sites that deal with disabilities like: Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida.

If you know of a site I've missed? Please send me the URL.
Below you will find the following topics:
People with something to say    General Information     EmploymentTravel & Vacations
Other pages in this section:

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People with something to say
Accomplishments & Achievements

A Year to Remember with My Mother and Alzheimer's

Coming Out of the Dark! Surviving an Academic Nightmare (mother's point of view)

DweebMom's Diabetes Page

Floyd Pinkerton

For Franki (mother's point of view)


Golden Hour Motivational Resources

GrannyBarb's Home

Just Because We Have a Disability Doesn't Mean WE BYTE!

Melissa's page

Michael Regos - Up Down Syndrome

Quips From The Crips

What's Up With Down Syndrome - Dan's Life

Yvonne Singer's World



Addiction Search

Association for Higher Education Access (ie)

Big Apple Greeter

Café Herpé



Cowboys & Cowgirls - Riding for the Disabled

Disabled Parenting Today

Disability Hotline (Social Security Law) 

Disability International Foundation

Disability News Service

Disability Rights Activist

Disability Serv. at the Univ. of Minnesota

Elenco dei siti web contenenti informazioni sulle persone con disabilita' - title not in English, however site offers English

Emerging Horizons Accessible Travel Newsletter

Families USA

Family Caregiver Alliance

Family Village

Government/Legislative Resources

HandiBot-Channel Services for the Disabled

Hospice Hands

Housing, Industry, Training Inc. (ND)

HUD Home Page: People Who Are Disabled

Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education (ca)

Latex Allergy

Life Skills for Vocational Success

Medsupport FSF International

New Mobility


Policymaker Partnership for Implementing

Protection & Advocacy, Inc.

ShuffleBrain (a good site to DIG through, covers several disabilities)

Social Security online

Springfiels Technical Community College - Office of Disabilities

Steven Sell's Disability Management (this site is about the same size as mine)


The Disability Rights Activist

The Rocco Foundation

Total Living Center NJ

University/Education Disability Information

Western New York Disabilities Forum

West Virginia Rehabiliation Research & Training Center

Wheel Chair Tours - Australia

Employment & Vocational Training
You may also want to check the "Help Wanted" page
or "Organizations, Foundations, & Associations" page.
Career Search 98

Disabled Businesspersons Association - San Diego

Science, Engineering, & Math Program Vocational Services, Inc (Liberty, MO)
Accessible Travel and Vacations
Accesseble South Africa Access-Able Travel Source Accessible Travel