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This section is for anyone with an interest in aviation. For the traveler, hobbyist, owner or professional. Both fixed wing and rotor both are included.

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The World of Aviation

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It makes no difference if it's your hobby, living or just a service you use, aviation affects most people. It can be wonderful or a person's worst nightmare.

Let's start off with the subject of airlines. You almost need a daily report just to see who is in business that day and what new fee they are charging.  In just the past 10 years, over 54% of the airlines I had listed have either merged or simply vanished.

Sometimes an airline just won't do the job you need. While some people own their own aircraft, most don't. This is where Charters and Air Tours, come in handy.

Not only do you need an aircraft, but a place to take off and land, and that would in most cases would be an airport. Not all airports are created equal, it can not be much more than a dirt road to a large state of the art complex. Some are even on water.

For those few folks who work in aviation and those who are thinking  about it, offer you several pages  Crew Corner, Employment & Training and Maintenance.

While I personally prefer to travel in something with fixed wings, there are some unique folks who like the rotors, for you... Helicopters.

As I mentioned before, there are many different ranges of interest, so I offer you one page that covers almost everything else you could think of.  Miscellaneous Aviation

What you won't find here... "Aviation" covers  many different different interests, at this time this section only covers rotor and fixed wing, with no balloons, soaring or sky diving. In plain English if it doesn't have an engine it isn't here.