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This page is to assist you in finding companies that either charter aircraft, or offer aerial tours.

Aviation Charters and Tours

Sometimes you just want to take that special vacation, or you have to ship something and the "norm" just won't "cut it". This is the page for you.

I'm a firm believer of "Murphy's Law". An aircraft if given the opportunity will decided to become "AOG" at the worst  time, and in a location that is furthest from the location of the part needed.  While it is always nice to do a counter to counter, sometimes it just don't seem to be fast enough. Can we say "charter"? While not all the listings I have are equipped to handle such cases, there are a few, and I'm sure as this page there will be more.

If you know of a site that should be included please feel free to e-mail me. To make things a little quicker please give a suggestion to which section it would belong to.

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Charters - Tours

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  AirCharter World (commerical only wet/dry) 

Atlantic Aero (b) 

Central Flying Service (b)

Charter Jets (world)

C&M Aircraft (central and northern Calf.) 


HeliClass (Calfornia, Nevada & Colorado) 

International Jet Charter



Trygg-Flyg (Sweeden) 

  Above It All - Hawaii

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter
Alaska Air Tours

Red Rock Biplane Tours - Arizona

Doug Geeting Aviation - Mt. McKinley

Scenic Airlines - SW US 

Warbelows - Alaska

Wings of Alaska