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This page is to help you find anything you would need for maintenance of most any type of aircraft.

Aviation Maintenance

747 maintenance   
 Avionics  - Consulting - Data & Software - Electronics - Engines - Engineering - FBOs/MROs - Instruments - Manufacturers & Parts - Miscellaneous - Tools

Each site is listed by what it's owner has to offer, than is coded to the type of aviation they deal with. If you find any error please feel free, to send me a note

b = business / cooperate, c = commercial, e = experimental / home built, g =  general, m = military, r = rotor 

If you know of a site that should be included please feel free to e-mail me. To make things a little quicker please give a suggestion to which section it would belong to.

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  Abilene Aero  (g)

Atlantic Aero (b) 

Atlantic Avionics

Archangel Avionics

Banyan Air Service (b) 

Central Flying Service (b)

Duncan Aviation (b) 

Eastern Avionics International (b & g) 

Gulf Coast Avionics (g) 

Honeywell (c) 

Lubbock Aero (g) 

Memphis Group (c)


  Corporate Aviation & Planning  (b,c) DARcorporation  (b)  Gray Owl Aviation Consultants

Jet Research

Data & Software

DARcorporation  (b)
Newport Aeronautical Sales Panel Planner Software (b & g)

  Aircraft Designs Inc.  (e) Eagle (c & m)  

  CFM International (c & m)

General Electric (c & m)
International Aero Engines (c)

Pratt & Whitney
Maituck Aviation (g)
Rolls-Royce (c)

United Technologies (r)
737 maintenance
  Abilene Aero  (g)

Constant Aviation 

Atlantic Aero (b)

Banyan Air Service (b)

AFI - KLM (c)

Central Flying Service (b)

CP Aviation (e) 

Hope Aero Propeller & Components  (g&b)

Hawker Pacific  (b, g, c)
Lubbock Aero (g)

MAS (c)

Prestige Aircraft, Inc. (g)

Ray's Aviation (g)

Sanders - BAE Systems

SIA Engineering (c)

Soloy (b)

Tulsair Beechcraft (b & g)

Winner Aviation (g&b)


  Electronics International (g) Innovative Solutions & Support  (b & c) J.P. Instruments (g)

Manufacturers & Parts
  Abilene Aero (g)

Airbus (c)

Aero Adventure (e)

Aerospace Composite Products

AeroThrust Corp.

Aircraft Electric Motors Inc.

Aircraft Maintenance and Support  (c, b, r)

Aircraft Parts Locator Service

Aircraft Spruce  (e) 

Aircraft Suppliers Company (b & g)

American Eurocopter (r)

Applied Aerospace Structures

Atlantic Aero (b)

ATR  (b & c)

AV-OX  (b, c, g, r)

Banyan Air Service (b)

Boeing  (c & m)

Bombardier (b & c)

Brackett Aircraft (g & r)

DBM (g)

Devtek (c)

Embraer  (c & g)

Griffon Aerospace Lionheart  (e & g)

Groen Brothers (e)

Falcon Jet (b)

GTI Machining (b,c, e,g,r)
Hamilton Standard (b,c,g,r)

Hawker Pacific  (b, g, c)

Honeywell (c)

Inventory Locator Service
KRN Aviation Services (b & g)

Lockheed Martin (c)

Maituck Aviation (g) 


PartsBase  (b,g,c,m,r)

Parts Logistics

Patterson AeroSales (g)
Piper (g)

Precise Flight
SAAB Aircraft (c)

Scaled Composites (e & g)

Soloy (b)

ThermoTec (e)

Tex-Air Parts (g)

Van's Aircraft, Inc (e & g)
Velocity Aircraft (e & g) 

Wicks Aircraft Supply (e)

  Accurate Automation Corp.

ACI Lubes solvents, lubricants, etc.

Aero Telemetry
Aviation Laboratories

J. B. Roch Aircraft Engine Maintenance Shelters

Lewis & Sanders  (c & M) tubular assemblies


  Aircraft Tool Supply Company

Avery Tools
Cleveland Aircraft Tool & Material Spenro

US Tool

To be sorted
Aero Vision


Aviation Trader

Jet Stream Aviation Products  (g)  
Aviation Unlimited

Evans Aircraft (e) 

Exotic Aircraft
Jetporter Tugs   ground support equ.

Red Star Aviation

Signature Flight Support