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This aviation page for pilots and crew members to find most anything they need on line. From the hobbyist to the professional.

Pilot & Crew's Corner

Here you can find sites that cater to pilots and crew members. Everyone form general aviation pilots to flight attendants should find something of interest.

Sites of General Interest for Pilots -- Sites of General Interest for FAs

If you know of a site that should be included please feel free to e-mail me. To make things a little quicker please give a suggestion to which section it would belong to. All text links are FREE, if you wish to place a banner this can be done by sponsoring a page. There is a limit of one sponsor per page

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General Sites - Pilots

AVEMCO Insurance


Bernoulli Navigation

CheckMate Aviation
Jeppesen Sanderson


Marv Golden Discount

Pilot Supplies

Oshkosh Pilot Shop

Pilot Mall
Pilots Guide-Optima

RMS Technology: Flight Planning/Moving map software

SureCheck - Wholesale Pilot Supplies

The Pilot Shop
General Sites - Attendents
  Delta Flight Attendants National Sundowners SkyChick