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About Robin's For Your Information

First I would like to thank you for stopping by.

FYI is a cross between a personal website, and a directory site or what some people would call a Web Guide. It is for people that are surfing for information, that don't have the time to surf through 1 million matches on a search engine, where 90% of the sites either don't truly match the subject you are looking for, or are dead links. Also many search engines don't filter adult sites. I go to every site, before it's link is added. While I can't promise, the odds are very low that you will ever find a site, that you wouldn't show your mother or child.

Behind the Scenes - The History of Robin's FYI - Where the site is heading -
The Topics: - Types of pages - What you won't find here

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Behind the Scenes

The staff behind Robin's FYI consists of 3 people: Me, Myself, and I. In other words this is a one person show.

Have you ever met one of those people that you ask and question, and they never shut-up? I'm one of those people, the net offers an outlet for that urge to share information, along with other stuff.

My mother always said I never met a stranger. With a wide range of interests, I can talk to almost anyone.

One other thing, I'm the world's worst typist, speller, and some people think what I do to the English language should be illegal! If you find any of the many errors feel free to let me know (don't forget to tell me which page you found it). You won't hurt my feelings.

The History of Robin's FYI

FYI started off like most home pages, on the free space my dial-up service offered back in August of 1995. It was a couple of pages of links to sites I found interesting. Within several months I was running out of space. Having to trim off most of the graphics, dumping the music, than taking down seasonal pages. Was learning every trick of the trade to save space.

Than came some changes in my personal life that opened a way for me to be able to spend more time with my site, so in November of 1997 the site moved to it's own domain. This took care of the space problem, even though it started costing money to run it. By Christmas the site was well over 100 pages, and averaging 1,500 to 2,000 hits a day.

In September 1998, the site looked a little strange. It was going through a major face lift, to make it faster loading, and easier to move about. Over 260 pages were reformatted.

From September - November of 1999 the site went through a MAJOR over haul! With the site approaching 400+ pages, offering 6,000 links, and nearing unique 2 million visitors a year. It was time to rearrange things to make them run smoother.

September 2000 - To help offset the costs of running the site, I broke down to using "affiliate programs" Most of the pages had little graphics for you to check out. Some paid me just for you "clicking through" others gave me a small percentage of any purchase. While I didn't plan to get rich, I needed the assistance. Between hosting costs, license fees for scripts, and computer equipment the cost has kept going up.

January 2002 - The website went on 'auto pilot'. Much to my surprise, after 8 years of no updates, it still pulls a lot of traffic.  During the past eight years I have traveled around the world a few times and learned so much.

July 2010 - It's past time to do another major over haul.

Back in the 'good old days' little awards were given out by different people and groups. This practice has now pretty much gone. However I just didn't have the heart to delete those nice tokens of approbation.

Where the site is heading

I feel one should stick to subjects they know about and are involved in. Our interests change with time, I'm no different. Some topics will be deleted, while other will be enhanced have many new pages in works. Each section will almost be a site of its own. Each having an information , link , humor , and tips & tricks sub sections. Believe it or not I do believe in quality over quantity.

FYI is now accepting support. In plain English, selling banner space. Please fell free to check this out!! I will never charge for a link, on my link pages. Just for that one lone banner space at the top of a page a small donation is asked. If you would just like to donate a little funding to off set the costs, you may paypal it to

The Topics:

This will be changing, as I rework the website.

Animals - Everything you could think of, that has to do with most any animal. If you are looking for a pet, help with the one you have, what to find someone with the same type of pet to share ideas, or writing a report on wild life. You can find it here.

Arkansas - If you are thinking of moving to or visiting Arkansas, this is the page for you. It covers many topics about the state.

Aviation - If it has wings and an engine, its covered here! This section will take some time to where I want it. As it develops it will be broken down into particular interests like: commercial, general, corporate , pilots, maintenance/quality control, military, and so on. Also will be offering current FARS and ADs in the future. My husband has almost 40 years in the business, and is willing to help get the site laid out. (by the way I will do a little advertisement here: Need a computer driven maintenance manual? We do them. Just think, "a point and click manual", with a search engine, that can be updated. No more microfilm headaches, or photo coping from the book. Can do engines only (chapters 70 through 80) or the entire airframe. E-mail for more info.)

Brain Food - Offers research information, along with puzzles, and other things that make you think.

Coffee Break - From recipes of your favorite coffee drinks, to where you can buy different coffees online.

Disabilities - This is another large section, as Aviation is my husband's back ground, this is my back ground. Here you can find information to almost any type of disability, where to find help/support. I also so a lot of off line assistance.

EMS - This is for all the Fire fighters, EMTs, First Responders, Disaster workers or any one else with an interest in EMS. Here you can find other workers, places to buy supplies, places to work (pay or volunteer), information about current disasters.

Fun Stuff - All the great things we do to entertain ourselves. Hobbies & crafts, online activities, not much learning done in this section but a lot of FUN.

Holidays - Each major holiday has it's own section. By far Christmas is the big one here. Games, ideas, recipes, tips & tricks, stories, places to find items you need for your holiday page. People have been know to spend days in this section.

Kid's Stuff - Just for the younger surfer. All links are to sites made for kids or by kids. Includes an online playground, a web ring, and an award. No selling here! There is enough of that on the TV.

Lets Eat! - Any thing that has to do with food, recipes, restaurants, information about different types of food.

Mac Stuff - This is for any one that has or is thinking about getting a Macintosh computer. No Window stuff offered here!

Odds & Ends - Much like the back room of the house. Lots of great stuff that didn't fit into any of the main groups. Some is useful, others are just for fun.

People - Covers clubs and groups that deal with people, also has a section just for women, and a whole page of links to some cool personal pages.

Shopping - Learn how to avoid rip-offs, find great places to find that unusual gift. Or do just some plain old shopping.

The Money Pit - If you own an older home this is for you. Also includes gardening and other home stuff.

Travel - Information about most any type of travel. From buying tickets, to exchanging money. Also has a section of links to sites that offer information about their area. You can even travel the world and never leave your chair.

Web Page Stuff - Everything you need to do your own page is here, from the first timer to the pro. Broken into sections by topics.

Types of pages

"My 2 cents" will be my personal opinion about the topic.

"Lite side" are always humor pages about the topic.

"Drummer has it" are tips and tricks for the topic.

"The shorts" is a entertainment page about the subject.

All other pages will be information, or link pages.

What you won't find here

Not every type of site is for everyone. I truly believe that everyone has the right to have their own site, and do with is as hr/she wishes. I have bookmarks in by browser to many sites that I won't list. If I link to it, it's rated 'G'

I hate scams, and MLMs don't rate any higher.

Sites that speak ill of people's religion, race, ..... (hate sites)

Triple X sites

Sites that promote illegal activities

Tons of banners. (only one banner per page) Banners are nice, but slow down the load time. There is only one way to get a banner on one of my pages - Support FYI (please remember all links, research, and other great stuff is always free)

Software for Windows - What can I say, I'm a Macintosh supporter (since 1988)

Very many broken links. Yes, there will be some. With over 6,000 links and as fast as sites go down or move, there will be a few. However I try to check the links at least every 4 or 5 weeks.

If you ever find a broken link, or a page that fits in to the "The List" please e-mail with the name of the link, and what page you found it on. In most cases any page that is not appropriate, will be removed then and there.. Broken links will be removed on the weekly update.


the humble author of this site