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web page stuffThis section contains anything you can dream of that you will need to run your own web site. How to..., Urban legends, cgi, and java codes, tips and tricks, avoiding spam. And lots more. Even a whole page of different search engines, and free for all link sites.

Computers & Web Page Design
With the newer programs, designing a basic web site has become child's play. However there are some "rules of the road" about proper lay out. Then of course there is all the little things many of us enjoy like: guestbooks, graphics, music, counters, and the list goes on.

Once you have designed your site, than comes a few more things to deal with like: host space, maintenance, listing it with different search engines...

This section includes pages that will provide you with information and links to everything you will need to set-up and run your own site. Most are FREE!

There is also a special page just for Mac users.

Below you will find the following topics:

General Information - General Stuff - Maintenance & QC - Free Dial-up Services - AOL
Other pages in this section:

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General Information 
A-Clue (great site to learn the ins & outs of Internet Commerce)

Chas's Tech Support for the NET (Win or MAC)



Internet News and Resources

Internet World Magazine Online

NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML

Net Busters

NetStudio -listing of the Ugliest Websites

Netsurfer Digest

Net Tips for Writers and Designers

Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

Poor Richard

Promoting Your Webpage

Promotion World

Search Engine Watch

Starting Point

The Copyright Website

The Webmaster's Reference Library

The World Wide Web Consortium

The World-Wide Web: Origins And Beyond

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design


U.S. Copyright Office

Web Design Tips

Web Developer Magazine

Webmaster Resources


Web Page Design for Designers

*Web Pages That Suck-This site is a MUST

Web Style Resources -- Best & Worst of the Web

Web Tips - Short simple and to the point

General Aids
Ace Awards: Web Awards for Outstanding Pages

Ask the Web Pro

BeSeen (several different frees things for your page)


Big Brother

BoingDragon's Lair (several free services and tips)


CGRER NetSurfing

CometZone (free website cursors)

Computer Learning Guides

DachshBoard Software

Dialectizer (great tool for humor)

Dodgey Dave's webpage utilities

Domain Name Registration

GTA Technologies-Free Storefront Solutions

Internet Communications - Virtual Hosting

IRC-Internet Relay Chat

Inside The Web(free message board)

Internet Training/Speaking

Internet Weather Report

iVisit (videoconferencing software)

Local Times Around the World

MDG Computer Services

Merriam/Webster online Dictionary

OneList (mailing lists)

PageHost - Computers

Paralogic (chat)


Poll It (free poll your site)

Rank This!

RDB Bulletin Board Service

Senac (chats, forums & guestbooks)

Shade's Landing Inc.

SPiN Communication - free chat

Sprint Teleconferencing



Templates for web pages

The Crawler Suite

The Informant

The Internet Link Exchange

The List (Internet Service Providers)

The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!

The Web Robots



V3 Redirect Services

Web Post (several free services)

Webprowler: web gadgets and gizmos...


WebSurfer's Choice Award

Web Site Tools

WWWServer Lists (sensitive maps)

W3c's HTML

Maintenance & Quality Control
A Kind, Gentle HTML

Doctor HTML

End User Hyperlink Verification

NetMechanic (I use this one!)

Netwhistle (free service lets you know if your host is down)


Web Site Garage

WebSter's Dictionary (spell checker for your page)

AOL - Need I say more?
Out Of AOL Why AOL sucks Why stop supporting AOL?

The Rail

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