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travelweb page stuff This page will help you find all those extras to make your site real cool. Things like midi files, java and cgi scripts, cookies, and even a few tips.
Extras For Your Site
There are many quality sites that don't use any of the little "extras". 
However sometimes you need a script to accomplish a particular job. Not mention some sites enjoy spicing things up with items like background music.

His page lists many different sites that offer the extras. Some are suitable for beginners while others will requires some experience.

Below you will find the following topics:

Java, CGI & Perl - Music - Cookies
Other pages in this section:

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Java, CGI & Perl
If you think this area is about something you drink, you are not ready for JAVA!
A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript

AdvancedBusiness Systems - CGI-Perl and Java Applet Samples

BigNoseBird. com

CGI for Me.

CGI Scripts

CGI Scripts - To Go

Common Gateway Interface (CGI 101) 

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript

Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts & Links

Delphi CGI Expert

Drago's Coffee Palace

Dream Catchers CGI

Ellingsen's Guestbook

EOS Kaleidoscope


Free JavaScript

Free Scripts

Frequently Asked Questions about CGI - FAQ

Gordon's Code Page

Internet Robotics

JavaScript Made Easy!

JavaScript Repository

JavaScript Source


Java Woman

Joe's Free CGI

Matt's Script Archive


Perl (2)

Perl Functions

Perl Language

Perl Primer-The Begineer's Guide to learning Perl

Perl Resources & Reviews


Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library

Shareware CGI's

The CGI Book

The CGI Collection

The CGI Resource Index

The JavaScript

The JavaScript Planet

The Scripts

VP Developing

Banner 10000033Musiccello
Absolutely Joes Place(wav)

Accordion Man's Polka

Betty's Midi

Celtic Midi Archive

Christeen's Place (good stie!)

Classical MIDI Archives




Don Carroll's Midi (much of the music on FYI had come from here, however the site moved. Still lookng for new URL) 

FindSounds (don't forget to ask for permission to use on anything you find!)

Gerald Ross 


Matt's Midis


MP3 (mp3)

New & Old Country Music

Old TV Christmas Show Themes

Ragtime MIDI

Standard MIDI Files


The Looney Tunes Sound Source (wav) 

The Mega Midi Museum

The Music of Cyberspace

The Music Room

Wav Central (wav) 

Web Thumper

Music to Soothe the Savage Beast (Most of the music on FYI is from here! However this site has now passed away. Many thanks to a special Hamm operator who did much and asked for little) 

Cookie Central