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Making a web page is much like ordering a pizza.

1. First why do you want a pizza?

Nothing better to do, need a snack, or starved.



2. Than you must choose your crust

    Thin and crisp -- simple and fast loading 
    Hand tossed -- a touch of home, a little time to add a little texture, and depth 
    Thick and chewy -- something that looks like a bad trip from the sixties
3. Since most sauces are about the same we won't worry much about them

4. How many and which toppings?

    Cheese only - simple, and does the job, never offends, goes down smoothly
    Beef & Cheese - still simple but has a little meat to fill you up
    Pepperoni - an American favorite, simple but with a more taste
    The Veggie - for the healthy at heart, suppose to fill you up without clogging up anything
    The Deluxe - just a little bit of a lot of different things, but never too much of anything
    The Suicide - has everything included, this one will cure you or kill you 
Sites are much like Pizza Places

All you can eat, for people with large appetites (30+megs) 

The normal persons restaurant, caters to people with average appetites (20megs)

Places that cater to the smaller eater, with a lite appetite (less than 20megs) 


Too many tables, that you trip over them.

Nicely arranged tables, enough room to move about


Bad lighting, you can't see a thing, Including the menu.

Enough light to see by, with out blinding you.

The Menu

The menu has so much art work and fluff, it's hard to find the food.

Easy to read, with a few extras to make it interesting.

The Decor

The waitress puts $5 in the jukebox, and doesn't play a single piece you like.

Great decor, lousy pizza.

Lousy decor, great pizza.

A nice place, good food and atmosphere.

Odds & Ends

Never advertise, so they are never crowded.

The first month or two great food and service, than.....

The Hut - if you've been to one, you've seen them all.

So here is how I like it! Feel free to choose your own.

One nice place, with good pizza. That serves medium sizes, too much just shuts me down. On most nights I like a hand tossed pepperoni. For lunch or when on the run, a thin crust with beef. Every once a while hand tossed deluxe.

Just remember pizza is a fun food, that friends share. One person may like anchovies another Canadian bacon with pineapple, there is a pizza for every taste.

Java and pizza

Never wash down a pizza with bad Java, that is a true crash.

Nothing worse than seeing a Java stain, after you have left. 
(in plain english: If I have left your site, I don't want to see your stuff running across the bottom of my screen for the rest of the night!")

Pet peeve that didn't have time to fit into the pizza theme. FRAME People - If you have links, would you mind letting me leave. Makes it hard to see the entire site, and is also a pain to bookmark. I avoid frame sites that open other sites in their frames!