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This is a handy little page for finding the something to stimulate the brain. 

Food for the Brain - Puzzle 6-9
Puzzle 1 & 2 (graphic) - Puzzle 3 (graphic) - Puzzle 4 (graphic)  - Puzzle 5 (graphic) - Puzzles 6-10 (word)
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Several women who work at the local hotel, enjoy playing cards. Their schedules are set so that each one has a different day off to go play her favorite game. Since each one enjoys a different game it was easily done. Can you tell who does which job and what game they play on which day? 

1. Harts is played on Monday; the manager does not play bridge; and Miss. Jones does not have Tuesdays off. 

2. Ms. Black has Wednesday off and is not the crasher or the operator. 

3. Mrs. Smith is not the crasher who plays poker. 

4. The woman who has Tuesdays off and plays rummy but is not the maid, named Mrs. White. 

5. Miss. Jones is the desk clerk and does not have Thursdays off; Ms. Jackson also does not have Thursdays off. 

6. And someone likes to play solitaire. 

Check answer #2 


A school district was awarded a large grant for new computers, and software for their computer lab. With the money they bought 30 new computers and several different pieces of software. They were very proud of the new lab. The teacher was so excited about all the new equipment that he couldn't wait for the District's computer tech to set them up. So he and another teacher spent the whole week end setting up the lab. The school district's computer tech shows up the following Monday morning. The instructor tells him that they were to excited to wait, and that everything is working great, expect for one small problem. That 7 of the first 18 computers, would not boot. 

The tech walks straight to number 18, and starts to check out the problem. 

How did he know that number 18 would not boot? 

Check answer #5 


  • Pick a number from 1-9 Subtract 5 Multiply by 3 Square the number (multiply by the same number -- not square root)
  • Add the digits until you get only one digit (144=1+4+4=6 or 66= 6+6=12 then 1+2=3)
  • If the number is less than 5, add five. Otherwise subtract 4.
  • Multiply by 2
  • Subtract 6 Map the digit to a letter in the alphabet 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc...
  • Pick a name of a country that begins with that letter >
  • Take the second letter in the country name and think of a mammal that begins with that letter
  • Think of the color of that mammal
Check answer #25 


Mrs. Stone the art teacher steps out of the room for a minute. Upon returning she discovers that the red paint has been spilled all over the floor. Four of the children have red paint on them. When the she asks who spilled the paint, they each tell her: 

Jane Jones says, "Ralph Rogers did it."
Ralph Rogers says, "Sammy Smith did it."
Mary Moore says, "Not me!"
Sammy Smith says, "Jane is lying."

Who did Mrs. Stone have clean up the mess? 

answer #24 


An employee at the new super sized pet shop that was fixing to open, is told to stock the fish that just came in.The boss tells her that she must have the same about of fish in each tank, and that these fish live better in odd numbers. So she takes her net and starts placing the fish in the tanks. First, she placed 3 fish in each tank, but she had 2 left over. So she started shuffling the fish until she got it right. When she had 5 per tank there were 4 left over. With 7 per tank, there were 6 left over. With 9 per tank, there were 8 left over. Finally she placed 11 per tank and all was well. 

How many fish were there? 

answer #4