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2 centsMy 2 Cents About Disabilities 

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I might as well go ahead and step on a few toes.

Every one has a disability. True some are more severe than others, but no one is perfect. A disability can be any of the following:

  • sensory loss
  • inability to use a limb
  • learning slower than the culture around you
  • difficulty thinking
Many people think you must fall into one of the following categories to be "disabled" : 
  • blind
  • deaf
  • chair user
  • mentally retarded
  • mentally ill
To me these words are only a medical descriptions. In my opinion a disability is any thing that keeps a person out of the mainstream of their culture. Since I know people who fit into all of these categories, that live whole active lifes, I don't assume them to be disabled. I also know people who have could test in the "normal range" in all categories, and consider them disabled.

A person could write a whole web site just on labels. Are you:

  • blind, visually impaired, visually challenged, don't see well
  • deaf, hearing impaired, hearing challenged
  • disabled, handicapped, or challenged
  • able-bodied or non-disabled
  • learning disabled - slow learner
  • non-verbral, mute, speech impaired,
  • over weight or under tall
You get the idea! Enough on terms and labels.

Every one uses adaptive aids on a daily bases, some people just don't know it. Ever see some one put their glasses on, or change to their reading glasses? How about someone standing on a chair getting an item from the back of the top shelf kitchen cabinet?

Environment changes are done on a regular basis, to accommodate thinking. People driving down a strange road looking for an address will turn down the radio. Background music is played in many offices to break boredom.

"How to be Happy" and "Stress" workshops are a great business to be in.

When taking a class ever notice a good instructor will tell you the information, offer a chance to see the information, and if applicable let you try the new skill.

The only things that can make a difference with a person who is labeled disabled and a person who isn't :

  • what is used to get the job done
  • the culture the person is from
  • people themselves.
Changing the way people think is the hardest. We are programmed at a young age to think one certain way, lucky for us its not permanent. Adaptive equipment can be from easy to requiring a little brain storming. Nothing is impossible, just not practical at this time.

Future pages will include:

  • How to rig a job site (cheaply), low-tech vs. high tech
  • How to find a job that fits. Work shouldn't be a 4 letter word
  • Humor - the only way to survive life