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web page stuff This section is for anyone looking for information about a disability, including teachers, parents, family members, professionals, or a person who has a disability. While many disabilities will overlap in needs, I have tried to group the different categories by type of disability. 
Parents, Teachers & Children

If you know of a site I've missed? Please send me the URL

Other pages in this section:

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Ability Online (ca) 

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Augusta Autism Resource Center

Autism Spectrum Art

Beach Center on Families & Disability

Camp Nuhop


Child Amputee

Chileda Institute

Different Roads to Learning

Discovery Arts  (cancer & blood disorders)



HipMag Online

Include Me

Kids Together Inc.

Laureate Learning Systems

LD Online

Learning Disabilities: Information, Strategies, and Resources

Michael Hoefflin Foundation

National Fathers Network


Our Kids

Parent Advocacy Coalition

Parent Advocate News

Parent Pals

Parent to Parent of PA

Parent to Parent of the Capital Area

Resources &Education Conferences Inclusion of Children

Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group

Sanfilipo Children

Science Projects for ALL Students

SEDS Internet Headquarters

Severe Learning Difficulties at Moorcroft School 

Sibling Support Project


Special Education Technology-British Columbia

Special Needs Education Network

Special Needs Resources

Teachers' Home Screen

The National Parent Network on Disabilities

The Special Ed Advocate

The Family Network on Disabilities of Florida

The Hyperlexia Parent's Page

Trish & John's Resources for Parents with Disabilities

Washington Federation Council for Exceptional Children