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EMS - EMT links
If you know of a site I've missed? Please send me the URL

Other pages in this section:

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American College of Emergency Physicians (O.K. so they aren't EMTs, the site has some great info.) 

American College of Prehospital Medicine

Bandit 26

Brad's Page

Brown University Emergency Medicine Residency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

County Ambulance Services

Emergency Education Council - Region 5

Emergency Medical Services Administration Certificate

Jocularity Party Cruise

Joshie's Home

Health Care Innovations 

Illustrated Guide to Muscles & Medical Massage Therapy

Information on Trauma and Dissociation

Injury Control Resource

Interactive Patient

Latex Allergy

Lester's page



Paramedic Tim

Paramedic & EMT-Intermediate: National Standard Curricula Revision Project

P.A.S. UK Eire Private & Professional Ambulance Services

Pittsburgh Paramedics

Prehospital & Disaster Medicine

Rescue Alive!

Reuters Health Information Services

Ricky McCrory's EMS/Cardiology Page

Ron Kelley's Commonplace

Snake/Lizard Bites (including info how to handle large snakes correctly)

Southern Medical Journal 

The Butt Page

Trauma NET

University of Michigan Survival Flight


Vial of Life

Welcome To FlightWeb

Wilderness Medicine Institute

12-lead ECG library