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The lite side of basic first-aid & disasters
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The Do's and Don't for first-aid and disasters
Part 1

I have seen some pretty odd things done to people that needed help. Many are the wrong thing for the right reason. 

This is not to replace taking a first-aid class, only to bate you into taking one. Come on, it only takes one day. Let me put like this:  

One day of your life, that may give someone else a chance to live. 

First Rule: Check - Call - Care  

  • Check to see if the scene is safe 
  • if not Don't go in, call for help 
  • if the scene is safe - check to see if any one needs help 
  • Call your emergency number if needed 
  • Care for the victim

    Burns - heat  
  • Don't put butter on it - butter is for veggies 
  • Don't ice it - ice is for your coke that is served with your veggies 
  • Don't pop the blisters - if you must pop something, buy a balloon
Do run cool water over the burn If no blisters appear, you may want to use an over the counter medicine If you develop blisters, simply wrap in clean gauze Seek medical attention if needed. 

You should always seek medical attention if:  

  • The victim is a child or elderly 
  • If the burn covers more than one body part. 
  • If the burn is to any sensitive areas of the body: hands, face, feet, genitals, etc. 
  • If the burn is deep. (3rd degree) 
  • If not sure GO!
Burns - chemical  
  • Don't put water on a dry chemical ( like crystal Drano) 
  • Don't pull the clothing over the head
  • Do 

  • Do call 911 or your emergency number for help 
  • Do gently brush any dry chemical off clothing, in a downward direction 
  • Do remove clothing. Keep away from face cut clothing if need to.
  • Do place the person under massive amounts of water if the chemical is liquid such as "Liquid Plumber" 
Places to find massive amount of water: shower, garden hose, or put a quarter in at the car wash. Don't laugh ever seen a car battery blow? Do strip any affected clothing and jewelry.  


What is the first thing you do, when you cut your self? You grab it, and may say a word or two. The grabbing it is the correct thing to do, you are applying pressure. 

  • Don't get someone's else's blood on you. Use a barrier: gloves, a waxed hamburger wrapper, sandwich bag, chip bag, you get the idea. Any thing that won't let moisture through.
  • Don't lift the bandage to see if it is still bleeding. If it is, it will soak through and you will see it.
  • Don't use a tourniquet. No jokes here. This skill is reserved for professionals only. I don't care if you were a girl or boy scout.
Simply do the following:  
  • Apply direct pressure to the wound 
  • Elevate above the heart. (if no bones are broken)
  • Apply a second dressing if blood soaks through the first 
  • Apply a pressure bandage if soaks through 2nd dressing - a pressure dressing can be made out of roller gauze, strips of cloth, or even a tie. A pressure bandage is snug, but does not cut off circulation. Think of it as the difference in a pair of panty hose vs. a girdle. seek medical attention 
  • While waiting for help, apply pressure to a pressure point - for this item you need to take a basic class.

Body parts that come off 

Treat as you would for a cut, expect be sure you seek medical attention. Modern medicine can reattach a lot of body parts. Just ask Mr. Bobett. The part should be placed in a baggie, and iced Just like you do to boiled shrimp. Don't forget to sent the part with the victim. 


  • Don't hit the person across the back. If you feel you must hit the person wait until he quits choking and do it then. 
  • Do ask my favorite dumb question, "Are you choking?" 
    • If the person can answer encourage him to keep coughing. 
    • If he stops coughing - do the Heimlich maneuver It hasn't change in all these years. 
  • Do call for help.

This is it for now. Later chapters will include:  

  • Don't stuff your wallet, fingers, or silverware in his mouth. 
  • Please don't sit on him 
  • You sorry little bee 
  • Don't lay a lip lock after a snake 
  • Is he drunk or too much sugar 
  • rare medium or well done 
  • What to do with the Brandy the St. Bernard carries on the ski sloops 
  • Wow look at that tornado! 
  • Something smells strange, lets strike a match 

  • Look at that wreck !