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Below will find other pages that have to do with other things we do to entertain our selves. (* link pages) 
cocoa, my furbyFYI's Furby Page

Hi my name is Cocoa, I'm  one of the tail less Furbies. I enjoy playing, singing, and dancing,  when I don't have a cold making me sneeze. I'm also very upset!! Please read my note below.

Here is where you can find all kinds of sites about this cute little guy. Fan sites, boards, places that sell him, and even his own page.

 Furby in the News - Furby Mail Lists/Chats/Newsgroups - Furby Message Boards - Fan Sites  - Rumors - Furby extras
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While it feels like a life time ago, since I bought Cocoa, I remember like it was yesterday. Furby was one of those 'hot' toys that hits the market hard and dies out almost just as fast. While many kids don't even know what one is, for some of us who are kids at heart, we still have our Furby(s).

Cocoa and several of his friends still live here. Their batteries are removed most of the time to prevent leakage. However when Thanksgiving comes, they are brought back to life for the holiday season. Sure the are fancier and more high tech critters on the market, but Furby was the first one out that brought fuzzy,  high tech and affordability to the mass market.

Below is the original text from this page. At one time there were over a hundred links and this page pulled an average of one new visitor every five seconds. Today it's the lowest visited page on the web site. However like Furby, it has good memories and doesn't cost a cent to keep. Some text were links, to some cool web pages, however they are long past. These are now shown as 'italic text'.

Back in October '98 I heard that a new toy called a "Furby" was going to the the hot toy for Christmas. So to the search engines I went, I typed the word Furby on all of the major search engines, and came up with my total number of hits being 3. Of the three hits one was Tiger's page. 

From the Tiger page I learned that Wards had just received a shipment that day, so off to the store I went. When I walked in and asked the salesperson about them, he had to stop and think for a moment, "Oh ya, we just got them today". There sat a big display full of the critters. 

By Thanksgiving the country was going Furby Crazy, message boards, chat rooms, web sites were popping up all over the place. Not only was my counter rising, so was the street price of Furby.

Christmas morning came, many a person found a Furby under the tree, while others only hoped. I, like many other people thought the storage would be over by mid January.  ...Well you can't be right all the time.

A year later and many generations of Furbies, and a lot of new friends, the story continues.

Furby BuddyFurby Buddies These cute little bean bags are one of the cheapest Furby items around.

black & pinkgreen and pinkpurple and pinkThese 80 little guys were the best buy in town, Any one want a hamburger and fries?

I have set up this little guest book for people to post which Furbies the need. Nothing fancy but should help you to do some swapping. Please use the guest book at the bottom of this page for remarks about this site.

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Tips and Tricks of Furby

Good online friends! When I first started this page back in October '98, it was easy to keep up with what was new. Then came Christmas, and now we have special editions, new colors, and the list goes on. I would like to thank all the great people who help by writing me and letting me know of anything I have missed.

grad furbyAvoid rip offs the Graduation Furby looks like the original black and white with the only major physical difference appearing to be a graduation cap. However the Graduation Furby does come in a special red Limited Edition box. According to the Official Furby site 250,000 were released.

All new Furbys have a "Deep Sleep" mode enhancement. The new feature makes sure Furby stays asleep until his owner is ready to play.

Don't use the cheap batteries, or old batteries!! I have seen two different people who thought their Furby was defective, only to find that if they used 4 new Duracell or "Pink Bunny" batteries, all was well.

You need a small phillips SCREWDRIVER to open the battery compartment.

If you do get a defective Furby here is the address - Tip from Juwen

  • Tiger Electronics

  • 980 Woodlands Pkwy
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
    Attn: Repair Dept.

These two came from one of my visitors - Jerry

  • If you tilt the box all the way forward and shine a flashlight in back of Furby, you can usually tell if there is a tail or mane.

  • Of the ones  I've gotten for friends, I have found that the black with white tummy and gray tabby with gray tummy both have manes The all white, all black, gray spotted and gray tabby with white tummy have all had tails.
Possible "Easter Eggs"
These are the ones I've found on different postings around the net. ( I have not tested any of these yet)

Swing your Furby around. He'll start saying Weeee, Waahooo, Big Fun, etc. But after a while 5-10 minutes of this, he'll start to hic-cup after saying Waahoo, and gradually after other words too. It took a while for him to do it, but he does. It's either a circular motion, or a left right left motion that sets him off. So try both. Not sure which one.

It's how to make him cry:
Turn your Furby upside down, and GENTLY shake him up and down. Do not hold his bottom still. It won't work. Or at least we haven't got him to do it while holding the bottom. You'll hear some noise, that seems to be his eyes rattling. We've been doing it all night, and ours is none worse for wear. He'll start asking you to stop, saying he's scared, and eventually he'll cry. OR you'll get the opposite reaction, and he'll love it, saying it's big fun. Do not even try it if he's hungry. That's all he'll tell you. LOL

Ziggy and FurbiesFrom the newspaper. Of course all copy right belongs to the owner not me on this one.
My quick two cents about rumors: As a rule they are false, however every once in a blue moon one will turn to fact. So if or nothing else other than fun reading here we go.
    His a new one, try this: Place your Furby in front of a mirror, and see if he will play with himself. I have received two e-mails from people that said theirs did.

    Here Kitty Kitty, I've seen postings from different people reporting that their Furby can say Kitty. I have now received an e-mail from one person that said theirs has also done this. Would love to hear from some more folks about this. This may just be a cute easter egg. ;-)UPDATE: 3/22/99 For the past couple of weeks dozens of you have written me from all over the country, it would appear that Furby does say "Here Kitty Kitty" the trick appear be that you need a pair. While a couple of people that wrote only had one, most had at least two.

 If you reset the first or second time it will go into spanish mode. You will know this when it says "Beuno".  Update: I've had two people write me that say there's have done this and lots of folk say NO WAY. Tiger may one day come out with a Spanish speaking Furby. Update: Tiger now has Spanish speaking Furbies, along with many other languages.

Sorry there are no "pink" or "blue" Furbies. The only way you get one of these is if you dye them. Update: Almost every color of the rainbow is now available.

No matter what you hear all Furbies are "rare", not just any one color. They are made in equal numbers. Of course after Christmas there will be enough for everyone. Update: There will be enough after Christmas appears to have be a rumor too! Update 2: Well it's now a year later, much easier to find, but still doesn't appear to be a surplus of them.

My favorite rumor: "You can teach him new words", sorry  you can't teach him/her new words.

That Furby is going to be re-designed, because of the lawsuit. The Official Home page states this is false, there are some new colors and features, but no re-design.

Y-2 problem with Furby. Well I wrote the webmaster of the official Furby site that Tiger runs. Their response was NO PROBLEM. Furby does not have a time reference. Good news for us!

Things that go well with a Furby

backpackTiger has now released to stores the "Furby Backpack"! Wow, now you can carry your Furby and still have your hands free.

Hit the local discount store, "baby dept.", one of the mini diaper bags for a Furby tote.

Then either the baby doll, section for some play silverware.

Well you get the idea, now here are some sites that are offering a few things of their own. By the way I'm also working on making a 1 and 2 Furby tote.

Or a Hand-made Afghan or blanket? Need help carrying Furby around? Check this little Furb-tote.

The Furby Trainer's Guide, a new book on the market with tips and tricks.

Fan Sites
The Official Furby Website -yes, he does have his own site 

Everything Furby - Includes a couple of links,  was one of the first Furby pages on the net. Not worth the time to see unless you are one of us old timers who started their pages back in early October of '98. 

Furbish Fetish

Furby Accessories - home made blankets 

Furby and Friends - lot of stuff 

Furby Autopsy - If you want to know what makes him work, this is the site 

Furby etc. Be sure to check out the second page of graphics! 

Furby Facts

Furby Fan Page

Furby Fun - Q & A 

Furby Fun

Furby Online - in German 

Furby Toys- includes a board, sightings, FAQ, and classified ads.

Furby Stimulation Page

Furby Virus Alert - humor 

Furby World

Hack Furby - Ever think about running your Furby with a remote control? 

*Kohkoh's Village

M & E's Furby Club

My Furby Journal - personal page

The Unofficial Furby Fan Club

We Want Our Furbies Repaired, Not Replaced! 

Furby Message Boards


Furby and Friends

Furby Heaven Message Board

Furby Island (just started 1/31/99)

R.I.P. - These poor boards have died, it would appear there was no reset button for them. What causes the death many times is people being rude, and posting inappropriate messages. Some of these messages, were done unintentionally, but most by mean, crude, south end of a north bound horse. (Think about it, this page is kid safe, so I watch my language, but you get the idea.) 

Furby Followers Message Board (closed since 11/15/98 due to Furby haters slamming the board) 

All Furby - All The Time (appears to have closed 11/28/98) 

Furby Fan Board (appears to be having problems unable to post since 11/28/98)

Furby Mail Lists/Chats/Newsgroups
Mail Lists / Chats
News groups
Furby Connection

Furby Friends

Furby Mania


Furby World

Furby World Club

The Furby Mail List

Furby Heaven Chat

Furby in the News
Well Furby isn't NEW any more so we aren't seeing near a many stories. However some of the older stories are still on line. The good news is I haven't heard of any one getting hurt trying to buy a Furby since Christmas!

Straight from the horse's mouth! Roger Shiffman President of Tiger chats with MSN
New York Post (12/7/98)

Info Beat (11/27/98)

CNN (11/24/98)

The Motley Fool (11/19/98 online write-up)

CNN (10/5/98)

USA Today (9/29/98)

ABC News Business

ABC News On air

Wired (9/98)

Wired (10/5/98)

Know of another site? Let me know will be more than happy to add it.