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Avon  - Men's Gun Decanters
Below will find other pages that have to do with other things we do to entertain our selves. (* link pages) 
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Item Information Item Information
Volcanic Repeating Pistol
volcanic repeating pistol
painted silver, with pearl plastic handle
Dueling Pistol 1760
Dueling Pistol II
dueling pistol 1760
brown glass with silver trim - $12.00

black glass with gold trim - $12.00

Twenty Paces
twenty paces
painted gold with red labels
guns alone - $20.00

In box with red liner - $50.00
In box with black liner - $125.00
In box with blue liner - $175.00
add $100.00 per gun if it has a raised site.

Colt Revolver 1851
colt revolver 1851
amber glass, trimed in silvertone