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This page is for any one who any kind of craft. Included is links to help find supplies along with other folks who share the same interests. There is also many projects for all ages to enjoy.

Arts & Craftsdaffy   

Assorted - Bead Work - Candle Making - Ceramics - Glass (stained & blown)
Knitting, Crocheting & Weaving - Origami - Sewing

Below will find other pages that have to do with other things we do to entertain our selves. (* link pages) 

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Creative Paperclay Co.

National Craft Association

Silverhawk Craft Competition

The CraftWEB

This To That (glue advice)

Bead Work

The Junction

Candle Making

The Wax House Candlemaking Catalog


Creative Industries


Featherweight Fanatics

Hancock Fabrics

Lost Quilt Come Home

Mary Graham Designs

Planet Patchwork

Quilt History


Quilt with Jinny Beyer

Raspberry Lane

Sew City

Simplicity Pattern Co.

Wonderful Stitches

Glass (stained & blown)
Glass Line (glassblowing) 

Knitting, Crocheting & Weaving
Crocheting is Just Plain Fun Joslyn's Fiber Farm

Eric's Origami