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web page stuffThis page is for any one who has a hobby. Includes arts, crafts, collections of most any kind, models, photography, and lots of other stuff. Links, tips, tricks, how to.., and even an Avon reference section. Kids are welcome, so bring the whole family. 

There are thousands of hobbies, this section can help you find others that share the same intrest, find suppliers & dealers, and even a few "how to" sites. 
Model Planes & Trains - Photography - Radio Controled Aircraft - Rock Hounds - Other

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Model Planes & Trains
RR Historical

San Diego Model Railroad Museum

Radio Controled Aircraft & Scale Models
My Hanger(radio controled aricraft)  The Futrure is Electric (radio controled aricraft) 

Amateur Photo Contest!

Australian Correspondence Schools for Photography

Basic 35mm Photography

Bogen Photo



Fire Photos - dedicated to Fire Photography

New York Institute of Photography

Pentax Worldwide

Photography Tips

Pinhole Visions

Rock Hounds
Amber Gallery

Bob's Rock Shop

Fossils UK

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals

Rockhounds Information Page

Stones & Bones Fossils


TrickShop (magic supplies)