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two centsMy Two Cents About Travel 

This page was originally written in 1996. Since then I've become a world traveler. A second 'Two Cents' will be arriving shortly.

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This is something I have done all my life and enjoyed it. 

Every child should travel

As a child Between the ages of 2 and 4 I remember getting in the car for a long time, going to my great grandfather's home. There was so much neat stuff to play with. Stuff was stacked so high that it was taller than anyone. There was a special box, behind the desk with special toys and I could take any one home I wanted. I even took my first train ride from Indiana to New Jersey. I was dressed in my best clothes (a light blue suit). The only problem was the cow on the tracks, the train came to a sudden stop just as I was reaching for my chocolate milk. Lucky for me, a very kind man kept mom for killing me. Between 5 and 8 we lived in Indiana and would travel by car to my great aunt's farm in Ohio. We would always stop at Beverly's restaurant (like a Big Boy) in Columbus to eat, I could have anything I wanted. Then we would stay on the farm for a week or so. 

By the time I was 8, I had seen the south. El Paso, was great they had city parks with playgrounds! There were so many kids to play with.

You get the idea. Travel should have good memories. I started on flying commercial airlines alone at age 12, and haven't stopped yet. As an Explorer Post President I got to fly to Washington DC at age 13. 

From North to South

North to Dakota 

Now days I head up to Minot, North Dakota. For those of you that don't know where Minot is, let me describe it. It is one of those places God created and forgot about. It is not normal to live any where that can have a chill factor of -105 in the winter, and hit 100+ in the summer. In the winter the only animals I saw were human, they were the only ones dumb enough to go out. Between town and the Air Base, there is nothing. Expect for one Dominoes Pizza sitting in a field, truly an odd site. The people were nice, expect they kept commenting on how nice the weather was. The sign on the bank said -25f. Excuse me for not agreeing. Yes, there is a reason I spent money and time to go someplace I don't appreciate -- two cute grandsons.

South to Texas

My favorite place in Texas - Brownsville The people are nice, weather is normally nice. Expect when I was there. Their first snow in 90 something years. Did you know that only 3 motels have heat systems?  I don't know the Spanish word for "gloves", but if you draw a picture any one can understand.

By sea

If I really want to relax - I go to the Caribbean on a nice cheap cruise. Carnival and I have a great understanding, cheap, fun, and casual. I don't were heals, pantyhose, or make-up when on vacation. On the cruse I will be dressed-up for approximately 3 hours and NO MORE. 

The only thing that has ever disappointed me on a cruise, is some of the other American passengers. Some of the most rudest, snootiest, south end of a north bound horse I've ever seen. Many of the crew is from smaller countries, and work hard long hours for their pay. I have seen people speak down to the employees worse than most would speak to a stray dog. They must think that by putting someone down that they are higher on the ladder of life. On my next cruise I may have to remind them, they are on what I call a poor man's cruise. They are no better than any one else, if they were half of the blood line they pretended to be, they would be on their family yacht and having dinner with the Kennedy clan.

By air

Flying Branniff was my favorite, may they rest in piece. Than Delta with their big smooth planes. Now it is Northwest. They had the perfect chance to loose every piece of luggage I own and didn't!

The GOOD stuff is on the way

When I travel I'm cheap. The more I can save on transportation and room, the more I can spend shopping and eating. I truly enjoy both. Later I will be adding a pages on how to go cheap, may favorite places, along with "The good, the bad, and the Ugly". Better know as if it could go wrong it did.