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web page stuff
This page it to help you find all that cool free stuff out here. Like free samples of dog food, toothpaste, coupons, and what ever else I can find. If you are looking for free stuff for your web page, items like counters, and guestbooks, and web space these can be found in  Web Page Stuff.

Free Stuff & Contests
    The only thing better than a good sale, is something for free. Below you will find sites that offer free items. Many are samples, however some will be services or free items you would normally have to write for.

    You will also find other sites that offer lists of "free stuff"

    Things you will not find on this page is "Free Stuff" for you web site. Items like guest books, e-mail, web space...are located in the Web Page Stuff. section

    Be sure to check out the, Smart Shopper section. It includes sites that help you avoid "rip-offs" & fraud on the net and in the real world.

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Adobe Photoshop Training & Demo

African Pride

Ah! mend - pain relief

American Sports Nutrition

Arrid XX


Baby Items


Bee Pollen

Better Homes &  GardensMagazine for one year (you must sign up for their free membersip, then it will say thanks and ask for address where you wish to have it mailed. (no apperent come ons, or hidden costs)


Cardigan Mountain Soap

Morris the Cat  Stuff

Catnip or Bird seed

Celebrity Photo

Christian Bumper Sticker


Coffee (au. only)

Coffee (must click on little link under graphic)

Coffee Sticker


Consumer Info. Pueblo CO

Copy of US Constitution

Country Bob

Depends for Men


Euro Spice

Everglades Seasoning


Fancy Feast Cat Food

Ferret Food

FREE Faxes

File Your U.S. taxes

Free TV Tickets - Television Tickets


Grotek (Own a cow?)

Heart Foods

Herbalife Drink

Home Guide CD

Imodium AD

Improve Dog Food

Jelly Bellys (look for  link on thier homepage)


Lipfinity (MaxFactor)

Make-up Samples

Measuring Tape


McGruff Comic

Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad (everyone needs a spare or two)

Nair(temporary out of stock)


Navy Seal Poster

No Smoking Materials (includes posters for youth)


Pregnancy CD


Pet Care CD

Pet Labels

Printer Paper

Puzzel Book (for ages 3 to 8)

The Catalog Site

Ticket to Ringling Brothers


ValuPage (coupons)

Volcano Coffee


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