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web page stuff This page is to help people who have a disability find most anything they need to make their life accessible to the world. As always I can't be responsible for these sites, however will give my opinion if asked.
Get Accessible

I may not agree with the thoughts of some of the sites listed, however I do this page for you. If you want my thoughts about something just ask.

You may also with to check the "Low Vision / Blind" of other items.

If you know of a site I've missed? Please send me the URL.
Below you will find the following topics:
In General Clothing ComputerService Animals
Other pages in this section:

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In General
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Ability Hub (computer)

Ability Research Centre

Access Media


A-MED Health Care Center

Closing The Gap

Disability and Medical Resource Mall

Disability Related Product Information

EASI - Access to Information for Persons With Disabilities


Haseltine Systems Corp

Increasing Capabilities Access

Matias Corporation

National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials

National Library Service... (talking books)

National Rehabilitation Information Center

New Horizons Newsletter

PDG - Product Design Group (chairs)

Prentke Romich

RJ Cooper's Special Needs


Sky Ranch Inc


Technical Aid to the Disabled

Technical Solutions Australia

The Archimedes Project

The Boulevard



Uppertone For Quads


Workshop Solutions (a must see)

Adrian's Closet

Anitavee's Adaptive Apparel

Handi-Robe Markell Shoe Co.

Push Ease - Wheelchair Hand Gear

Accessible Web Page Design

All Things Web: Accommodating Imperfection

Computer Vision and Voice

Infogrip's The BAT Personal Keyboard - I have tested this myself only word for it is "GREAT" Microsoft Accessibility & Disabilities Site

Parrot Software

Speech Recognition Netscape Plugin

Service Animals
Canine Assistants

Canine Companions (site having problems)

Dogs for the Deaf

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind

Guide Dogs of America

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Helping Hands

List of Service Dog Schools and Information

Smokey's Helping Paws

Wolf Packs (great supplies for service dogs)