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Thanksgiving Cooking
(draft copy thanksgiving 2000)
As a rule the standard Thanksgiving Dinner will consist of something like: a roasted turkey, candied yams, a couple of veggies, a salad, and of course pumpkin pie. While there is many variations to this menu, there are a few things they all have in common. There will most likely be a bird of some type and someone will be working hard to pull off this wonderful feast.

Now while we all dream of the perfect dinner, more times than we care to admit things just don't go as planned. Some of the more memorable potatioal disasters I remember are:

  • More guests than I planned for show.
  • It's only hours before serving time and the @#$% bird is still frozen like a rock.
  • The oven dies, Wednesday night.
  • You don't find out that you are cooking the meal until Wednesday night.
  • Cooking for 50 people in a VERY SMALL apartment kitchen.
Then there are the horror stories from friends and family:
  • The daughter who wasn't experienced, cooking her first holiday meal for her new hubby and friends. Nice looking turkey, but noticeabley undercooked.
  • The friend who's dog ran off with the bird.
  • Or the friend who charred her bird.
Now there is something to be said for experience, with all the little disasters I have survived. I now feel fairly confident I can handle most anything that happens this year!

Since the turkey is the "star" of the meal, I have decated a whole page to him: Let's Talk Turkey.

For those of you who are new to my site, I also have nice page called "Christmas Cooking" While the decorations are done in the Christmas theme, the recipes will still work for Thanksgiving.

In this section I will be sharing more than just your average recipes. Some recipes will be for the less experenced cooks, easy but tasty. Other recipes will be for emergency situations, like dead ovens, surprise guests, and small kitchens. 
* don't require the oven - very handy if short on oven space
**Microwave recipes

Salads and Appetizers
  Cranberry - Orange Salad Mold Vegetable Pilaf* Waldorf Salad
  Deluxe Acorn Squash* Fast Candied Sweet Potatoes (or yams)** 12
  Skillet Walnut Pumpkin Bread* hold hold
Stuffing & Gravy
  Bacon & Pepper Stuffing Classic Bread Stuffing Quick Easy Gravy*
  City Gal's Pecan Pie Pumpkin Custard**

Pumpkin Pie

Quick Bread Pudding**

Quick Rice Pudding**